Sunday, December 5, 2010

Our launch; and first anchorage - Candelors Chico

                                             Launching from Puerto Escondido-Dec. 4, 2010

So far we have sailed to Candeleros Chico a small cove 10 nautical miles (nm) from Puerto Escondido.  As we approached we saw sailboat masts but were unsure of the size of the vessels that carried them.  Even through binoculars it was difficult to judge the scale of the boats.  Once we were in the cove we saw four smallish sailboats and couldn’t wait to get to shore to see them up close.  We met Ken, a NOLS instructor, who told us about the boats, Drascombe longboats, and the NOLS program. He was at the tail end of a month-long sailing expedition where he was training would-be instructors how to lead future NOLs participants.  Chandler spoke with one of the participants who said she was growing dredlocks since she hadn’t washed her hair with precious fresh water in over three weeks.  My guess is Chandler won’t be rushing into a future NOLS program, although she’d be a natural after our sailing trip.

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