Friday, December 3, 2010

Saying good-bye

Well, we are in the final stages of departing our home port and I must say it isn't easy to say good-bye to friends and Loreto herself.  I'll miss our home and it's many creature comforts but look forward to the adventure between now and the time we return next spring.

I've added some pictures below of the farmers market in Loreto.  This is where most people buy their week's worth of fruit, veggies and meat along with yard sale-type items.  The produce comes from a small farming community, Constitution, about 1.5 hours south of Loreto. It's the green belt for southern Baja.  Some items sold there however, come from the States, like apples from Washington State. They are a bit soft by the time they make it all the way down here so we will look forward to buying better apples on the mainland, perhaps from some southern location.  With all it's dust and many unkept battered buildings we somehow find Loreto to be quaint and charming all at the same time. 

The Loreto Bay development has started to move forward again which gives the home owners a renewed sense of hope that the property will finish the areas left undone almost two years ago by the initial developer.  Homex, a MX home builder, has taken over part of the development, built two spec homes, sold one and is working with the MX tourism department to repave and complete key roads into the property.  We expect to see some welcome changes by the time we return in May.

Adios Loreto!

 Below: the tamale lady
                      Boxes of fruit at the farmers market...

A sign painted on the side of a wall in Mulege, 2 hours north of Loreto.  So this is what Americans want...

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