Saturday, December 18, 2010

Isla Partida

Home schooling took place enroute to Isla Partida.  Reading during a sail has become easier as we've adjusted to the movement of the boat.  As we dropped the hook the setting sun brought a calm and relaxing tone to everyone after a good day of sailing.  We decided to stay two nights, giving us time to go ashore to play and stretch our legs a bit more. 

Henry checked out the tide pools while Chandler enjoyed one of her books in the shade.  Doug did some calisthenics with Chandler...exercise onboard is minimal so a couple of good stretches and deep knee bends were in order.

Doug and I hiked the trail through the cactus desert while the kids continued to enjoy some free time on the beach and rocky coastline.

Afterwards a game of football, using Doug's water bootie as the football, was just the ticket to round off the afternoon.

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