Sunday, December 12, 2010

Los Gatos

This is a favorite anchorage for cruisers.  Its stunning and massive red rock formations, when hit by the declining sun, makes for a magnificent view and fun place to play.  No signs of life dot the shore so it's private and quiet.  All the same, we were approached by a local husband and wife who wanted to sell their hand crocheted napkins. It's always good to interact with locals, speak a little Spanish with them, share our story, hear theirs, and thereby, further tighten the knot of humanity.


As we ran around the beach and red rocks Doug and Henry discovered beautiful seashells and decided to create a shell mosaic.

Sand sculptures were in order after that. Chandler made a flower, mermaid, and ballerina, Doug made a dolphin and then helped Henry Wyatt finish a sailfish.   The next day, as part of their home school activities, Chandler and Henry started writing short stories about their sand creatures.

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