Thursday, December 23, 2010


 Like all sailors we’ve experienced nights at “roll-y anchorages”.  This happens when the boat is hit broadside by oncoming waves.  One would think the rocking effect would lull one to sleep but it doesn’t. Instead, it makes for an uncomfortable and typically, a sleepless night. 

Doug, always trying to make this experience more comfortable for the kids and me, talked with other cruisers to find out how to make a “flopper-stopper” which could conceivably make those roll-y nights less roll-y.

As directed I rushed to the closest mercado to buy four cutting boards. Doug strung them together and attached his dive weight belt to one of the boards thereby creating the pull necessary to sink the boards.  After that he hung the device from an extended whisper pole (like a small boom) and swung the pole off the starboard side of the boat.  Technically what happens is, the cutting boards collapse (see third photo below) and are submerged sideways down into the water as the boat rolls to the starboard side and then as the boat begins its roll to the port the cutting boards are forced upward, flattening out (second photo below) and creating drag through the water thereby slowing down and minimizing the rolling effect.  We’ve definitely seen some improvement and have had better nights sleep ever since.

Thanks Skipper!

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