Friday, December 3, 2010

Ages to Cruisers

It was a great, nine-year-old morning.  Emily, 15, and Henry caught puny shrimp and watched sea anemones pull the meat into their beaks with their sticky waving arms.  They peeled off mussels from rocks and busted them up to feed the fish.  One time a fish shot up and grabbed Henry's shrimp that slipped through his net.

One of C's best friends is 5-year-old Zada.  They color pictures and paint fingernails, hike together, do sleepovers and play horses.

Fitting in with different age groups.  Teens we've met blend well with a circle of adults; they'll share matching tales of adventure and suggestions for repairs.  We've found "the grandparent ages" the first to organize a birthday party for one of the kid cruisers.  Teens will play Ninja, give piggy-back rides and teach our kids to ride the ribstick skateboard.  These are good youths to turn loose into society.

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