Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Calm winds, dorado and taking the plunge

There's not as much true sailing out here as Doug would like, but he's a patient man, so when even the slightest wind hits he's all for hoisting the light-wind (Genoa) sail and catching whatever breeze we can. With Ann behind the wheel and Doug, Henry, and Chandler on deck, Doug taught the kids how to raise the sail.

Hooking on the sail to be raised

Pulling in the line to adjust the sail


 Later that day Henry caught a beautiful dorado and we had dinner for the next few nights!  It looked like something had already started to prey on the fish before Henry got to it as there was a chunk bitten out of his tail.

After all that work it was time for Chandler and Doug to jump in the water, hold onto a line and drag behind the boat while sailing.

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