Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today we departed San Juanico and headed around its rocky point to a nearby cove, La Ramada. We spent the day there but found it to be a little rolly so we hailed some friends (two "kid boats") who had headed north the day before and learned they were heading to a beachfront anchorage 8 nautical miles north of where we were. We decided to join them.

After a quick 3-hour motor sail we dropped anchor and Chandler immediately joined a friend for some beach-combing, which this anchorage is known for. She returned to the boat an hour later with some of the most beautiful shells we’d ever seen.

The next morning we all headed ashore before breakfast to gather more shells. As we walked the beach we had to wonder about the many creatures that once lived within the curved walls of each seashell. We all found something unique. Henry and his friend, Casey, returned with their loot and decided to make a business of selling the shells. They priced each group of shells and decided to sell them to their families, since those were the only “customers” around. The making of true entrepreneurs!

After our shell-finding expedition we headed back to HanaCrew for breakfast. Casey’s dad joined us, Chandler headed to another boat to breakfast with her friend, Zada, and Doug cooked up one of his delicious Denver egg meals.

Henry and Casey rode around in the dinghy for a while before taking the surfboard to the beach to “catch” the waves, Chandler continued playing with Zada and her vast toy horse collection at Zada’s boat, and Doug and I luxuriated in the quiet time by reading while taking in the desert surroundings. Later on Casey’s mom, Sophie, came by our boat to show us her beach-combing finds. Take a look at the spectacular Paper Nautilus and seahorse skeleton!

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