Monday, May 31, 2010

Fish and Treasure Island

A.M....just after breakfast.  100 yards out, a flurry of splashing.  Gulls and pelicans swoop in.  A huge school of rooster fish are boiling (feeding).

One friend throws out a line.  Another friend drops his kayak overboard and paddles out with his pole and returns in minutes with a large rooster fish and a tale about the other "even bigger one" that stole his lure and got away.  We watch the thrashing and feeding and squawking birds.

Then the herd of fish head our way.  We can see their green plumed backs pushing up the water.  A school of minnows race under our hull; a wave of rooster fish follow. Henry is going nuts!  We cast a line out baited with yesterday's catch.  The bait falls off.  Henry hooks one anyway and the rooster fish breaks the line.

When the day starts like that, where does home school go from there?  They did sit down to listen to a couple of chapters of Treasure Island.

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