Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day One...the real thing

Although we have lived aboard HanaCrew for almost three months we feel like our launch from Loreto is the real deal.  Now we are cruising!

The exciting part is that we know we will be out for at least four weeks.  Yesterday we packed up the final items and moved onto to the boat. Today we drove home again to get the things that are always forgotten and then remembered as you drive a block away from your home. Fortunately, out mooring in Puerto Escondido is only 15 minutes from home.

The anchorage is 7 miles away, "Marquer", a quiet cove off Carmen Island.  The sea is calm.  The kids lean out at the bow and in half an hour spot: pink squid as we come into the breeze and set the sails; a sea lion floating on its back - he barked at us as we changed course; a pod of dolphins churning up the surface 100 yards away as they feasted; and jumping manta rays entertained us all the way to anchor.  

Chandler and Henry jumped in.  It was their first time swimming naked.   Why does that make kids giggle so much?  Ann put on one of our favorite meals that she had kept frozen since buying it at Costco months ago.  She read from the Anne of Green Gables series as the sun set and we did dishes off the stern.  The lights came on from the town of Loreto, across the sea.  We sat on the bow and found planets, heard crickets, and fish jumping, and laughed at Chandler's rendition of Henry playing dinosaurs in the V-berth while singing, "Yeah Man, I'm riding a slow dinosaur.  The lizard's coming up behind me..."  

A slight roll to the anchorage.  All good. Day one.

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