Sunday, May 23, 2010

Poetry Day

We've taken to writing in our journals again.  Three years ago we started this wonderful practice after dinner almost each night. It was our first year in MX and it captured so many memories, that I wonder why we haven't kept up the practice.  Yesterday the kids and Doug decided their journal entries would be poetry. 

Doug's poem...

Poetry on the Hook

My pillow is a dolphin.
He mounds on my side and rolls over and under in tireless ease.

He presses down submerged in foaming blond curls then rides high on my cheek bone or dips under my chin.
He is light and cool from staying in the shadows of an  underground room, and when my sweaty rose cheeks plunge overboard and sink in it's depths I feel fun run through my back and limbs like it did when I was just outside in the grass and rolling over my playmates with a football before Mom called us up to nap.

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