Friday, May 21, 2010

Is this what a typical day will be like?

Sunrise:  Tall, Cardon cactus wait on the shore like early morning bathers.  There is a constant “pop” of manta rays jumping and flopping on the sea to shake parasites.  

Morning includes reading: Chandler -  a bio on Catherine the Great; Henry and Dad read about dinosaurs and fish; Mom catches up on US and world news in some back issues of the weekly Christian Science Monitor.  

Set sail around noon with following seas and wind (10-15 knots) and arrive at Coronado Island 20 miles away in about 5 hours – time to read, fix things, and nap.  Chandler is glad there aren’t arranged marriages like in Catherine’s day.  Ann laughs as she shares an article about Korean coffee shops that serve lattes while your feet soak in a tank of fish that nibble away the rough skin.  Henry decides on the Allosaurus over the Megasaurus if they were to meet in a dark alley.  Dad ponders how much energy it takes to sail a boat in order to get that extra reading and family time.  

We arrive and plunge into the sea.  Ann serves a meaty stew and s'mores for dessert.   Two more chapters at sunset of L.M. Montgomery’s, Anne of Windy Poplars, to Ann’s superb narrator’s voice.  The gulls and an occasional sea lion bark close out the day.  

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