Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's the difference?

Cruising on the sea of Cortez… a home in California.   What’s the difference?  If the agenda is the same, then little.   But each fosters its own agenda.   There are paths of least resistance that are easier to follow for each location.   Time efficiency is not a cruising attribute.  Lists are not either.   Neither are goals.   These are items when you control the environment.   

When the wind changes, your anchorage changes and that includes whatever “plans” scheduled for that day also.  If the fish bite, you hunt.   If the wind blows, you save fuel and go.  If the wind doesn’t blow, you stay and don’t make that scheduled arrival.  When the seas roll, it all goes on hold.  When that part needs repair to keep water out, keep a motor running, to keep power charging, or a doohickey needs hooking up to get more fresh water, these go to the list’s top.  

In other words, one does not write a book while cruising or even get through the stack of reading.   When the whales breach you look up, when the neighbor cruiser shares an adventure or sight to see, you listen up.  Add kids and all their wonder and the chances to share and explore and imagine with them, then lists work better when written over and blurred with water splotches.

Dolphins swimming alongside Eyoni
San Juanico, Sea of Cortez side of Baja

Thank you to Nancy on Eyoni for these fabulous photos!

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