Thursday, March 3, 2011

La Manzanilla Feb/Mar 2011

The Mayor of La Manzanilla and Governor of Jalisco showed up at the first Cruiser Regatta. Tents and white tablecloths were set out with complimentary food and drinks, port-a-potties, and panga shuttles from your boat to the shore. The sailing regatta’s design is to build up La Manzanilla’s town by attracting foreigners. Reasons are clear. Low real estate costs, beach views, palmed bluffs and small Mexican village pace. An Italian sculptor built an upscale palapa and displays his art and serves great food; he's also the engine behind forming the La Manzanilla Yacht Club. A Canadian started the book store that donates its proceeds to the local library. Other foreigners established and staff the art gallery that promotes local artists. Foreigners set up clubs for yoga, Tai-Chi, art classes, and provide most of the live music in restaurants. It all makes for a catchy, interesting variety of folks, activities, and up-beat energy mixed well with the local ambiance. 

Henry and I entered our first race here. Two French Québécois crewed, and good times were had by all. This “race” experience landed Henry a crew spot two weeks later in the Banderas Bay Regatta on board a boat for teens. The two Quebecois' wives sat on the beach with Ann and Chandler while we all sailed.  As a result, Chandler had her first French class and is now intent on learning more!

Race festivities and formalities

Even an Admiral from the Mexican Navy attended

French class on the beach

The happy captain and his crew after the race

HanaCrew crossing the finish line

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