Monday, March 14, 2011

Tacos on the Street

La Cruz has the most delicious taco restaurant we've encountered on the mainland.  It's called, "Tacos on the Street".  The first time we were told about it and went looking for it, we thought we would find a bunch of push cart taco stands on one street.  Instead we found an open air restaurant with tables inside and also literally "on the street", not the sidewalk, the street.  12 pesos, $1.00 USD, per taco.  Tortillas filled with meat or pork and topped with avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, onion...the works!  We frequented "Tacos" plenty of times while in La Cruz both with groups of friends and on our own.  We generally had to get there close to opening at 5 PM since the line started forming around 5:30 and after that the wait could be up to an hour for a table. We figured they could seat maybe 100 people at a time and turned the tables over 4 to 5 times a night.  Nice little business!  We wonder why more taco stands don't offer such good food and make it work the way these guys do.  (Most photos below courtesy of Nancy on Eyoni)

The simple menu - not a lot of decisions to make here

Doug, Zada (S/V Eyoni), Chandler, and Henry Wyatt dig in before the crowds arrive

And the crowds, they do arrive

We order 12 tacos for four people thinking that will be enough but we always end up ordering more!

Ann and Ethan (S/V  Eyoni) enjoying the tacos and the company. Check out the coffee filter "plates".

It's almost like being at a large Italian family-style restaurant.  We all pile in order, eat, and then meander back to the boat, full to the brim.

The walk back to the boat is always fun too!

Henry and Max (S/V Feliz) sitting outside but looking inside someones house to glimpse a little T.V.

Chandler leads a game of Simon Says while parents linger and chat outside the restaurant
Mom's relate: Ann and Nancy (S/V Eyoni) holding the girl's horses as the girls run ahead to the park

Mia, Chandler, and Zada -'s what it's all about!

Henry Wyatt catches some air
Chandler takes a spin too!

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