Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The last eight days

We set sail from La Paz on March 27.  Knowing that in 7 - 10 days we would drop anchor in our
 home port of Puerto Escondido made us all somewhat giddy yet we didn't want to rush this final chapter knowing we had some of the best anchorages to visit between here and there.

Our first night out we stopped once again at the well-known Caleta Lobos.  This was our fourth visit to Lobos and we had the navigation of it down pat.  After sailing for the majority of a year we certainly had learned and grown in our roles as cruisers.  Doug and I smiled at one another as we entered the anchorage.  We would always remember our first visit here back in December (check out the 12/20/10 post).  But tonight this would serve as an easy anchorage where we would drop the hook and enjoy some water time before heading north tomorrow.

The next morning we headed to Isla Espiritu Santo, a favorite island for cruisers with its many deep inlets serving as protection from winds and offering an away-from-it-all environment.  We chose the bay of El Mezteno.  The chaos of La Paz would soon be far behind us.

Once we neared the anchorage the kids wanted to go fishing off the dingy but it needed some air and required being pumped up manually so Chandler jumped in and got the work done. This required balance, persistence, and lots of energy and she gave it her all.

A job well done!
In the meantime Henry splashed into the water and paddled off on the surfboard in search of fish.  And fish he found!  Doug and he enjoyed the fruits of his labor right away.

Spearing fish

Freshest fish around!
Meanwhile Chandler relaxed from her dinghy pump-up by finding a quiet, shaded place to enjoy a good book.

 Afterwards we went ashore to enjoy the beach and the lowering sun with its sunburned glow on the land and it's soothing effect on the water.

Doug, Henry Wyatt, and the cardon cactus all splashed with sunlight

Chandler, Henry Wyatt, and Doug enjoy a jog along the shoreline
A boy and his stick, uh, well, his stump!

Chandler enjoys a tranquil moment.  (Photo taken through Ann's sunglasses for pink effect)

Back to HanaCrew/Windfall as night falls.

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