Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chores onboard

Chores...they don't go away when one casts the dock lines ashore and heads out to sea.  Doug's a stickler for keeping the boat in good shape and I appreciate that.  His list of ongoing maintenance items is endless and too long to note here.  The daily tasks are what ultimately keep the boat in tip-top shape so we have chores we each do to contribute to that effort.

I particularly admire Chandler and Henry for their diligence in getting chores done daily and doing the additional chore or two before we leave a port for the open water.  They take a section of the boat and sweep the floors daily, they take turns flaking the anchor chain when we leave an anchorage, and they switch off doing dishes every other day.  Their help is invaluable!  

Here are a few photos that show only some of the work that we do on HanaCrew.

Washing out Webkins after salty water snuck into the V-berth port hole
Sail covers back on sails during a port stay
Washing down the windows
When at sea we wash dishes in salt water to conserve fresh water.
Washing dishes in salt water and rinsing them with a quick fresh water rinse off the stern of the boat. 
Even at night!

Doug waxing the hull

...and cleaning the bottom.

Chandler and Henry cleaning seat cushions after the southern crossing from Mazatlan to La Paz

 As for mom's chores you say?  Aside from multiple ongoing chores I am in charge of cleaning the head...and you don't want to see a photo of that. :)

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