Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chandler's big day

Dear Chandler,

You'll remember this birthday as, well...different.  What did you call turning 11, snake eyes?  Something you had learned from other cruiser kids?

Well, despite the fact that for last year's Christmas a pineapple stood in as our Christmas tree, and despite that Henry's 9th birthday at sea was a spontaneous pot-luck with other cruisers on the back of a huge catamaran with complimentary "toilet seat" diving rides and a beach bon fire, you're b-day stars, well...all lined up.  Check your wish list, you got: land-based luxury loot and lots of friends.  Welcome, Chandler, to "Paradise Village".  This Puerto Vallarta resort came complete with bilingual parrots and Bengal tigers, 70' crocodile slides - port and starboard with underwater caves, plus a mini US-like mall with Domino's, Mac-y D's, 31 Flavors, and gift shops.  And you moaned that you wouldn't have friends, location, or anything special to do.  Well, your day came with all these and still included a touch of cruiser magic and your flare for making new friends.

After leaving your Baja boat buddies in no time you were reunited with two previous pals and made a new friend here on the mainland; Maia, Carolyne, and Bella.  Within a week, you four looked like bosom buddies, and you even got a sleepover on Maia's boat the night before "the big day".  Friends - #1 criteria met on your check list.  #2: location...Okay?  Marina, resort, and mall all in one?  Is that delivery?  Pizza party, play structure, pool, mom's custom cake.  Check, check, check, check.  #3: gifts?  Nothing is impossible (or more impressive) - Your three friends brought hand made gifts. Maia, a hand sewn velvet and satin shoulder purse; Carolyne, hand made earrings; Bella, a crocheted necklace and hair clip.  Of particular interest was the creative wrapping paper...shiny silver foil accented with blue painters tape.  And mom of course came through (and you thought there's no place to hide presents on a boat) with three books, lip gloss, and flip flops out of the bilge, I mean her sleeve.  How was that, Chandler, for your 11th b-day?

We love you,

Mom and Dad XOXO

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  1. Hi Chandler,

    I'm at Nanas and we are reading the blog. You and Henry Look great, happy birthday from all of us.