Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hand made gifts for a B-day celebration

The enormity (20 miles across) of Banderas Bay, where Punta Mita, La Cruz, Yelapa, Nueve Vallarta, and Puerto Vallarta are located, offers numerous places to drop anchor or pull into a marina. Long before we arrived here Chandler and Henry, having heard about the place from cruiser kids who had been there, enthusiastically told us about Paradise Village Marina and all it had to satisfy their "cruiser kid needs".  Huge swimming pools, crocodile slides, beaches, land showers, restaurants, super markets, and more!  So Doug and I figured we could splurge on the dock fees for one week and give Chandler a b-day to remember.  As good as the crocodile slides were, the best part of Chandler's special day was the friends who celebrated with her.  Three girls joined in the fun and three hand made gifts arrived with them.  Talented, sweet, generous, and fun-loving girls out here!

Crocodile slide
Chandler, Maia, Isabelle, and Carolyne
Maia made a velvet purse

Isabelle crocheted Chandler a matching necklace and barrette

Carolyne made earrings
                    Cake followed...


...and later a few gifts at home (not hand made but still appreciated!).


  1. We all had a wonderful time and can't wait to catch up with you further south!!

  2. It is so great to see that you made it to chacala and banderas bay. We loved chacala too! We think of you and wish you lots of adventures on the mainland this winter. It is great to get some news by looking at your blog.
    We send lots of love your way.
    Sophie Seth and Casey

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