Thursday, January 13, 2011

San Sebastian

While in the Santa Cruz/Puerto Vallarta area we decided to take an overnight land cruise and check out the town of San Sebastian in the hills above the port.  We rented a car and headed straight for San Sebastian?  No, we saw a McDonald's along the way and stopped there first! American fast food always tastes better outside the US.

Along the route and close to San Sebastian, we found a beautiful winery and stopped in to look around. They harvest blue agave (a sweet syrup with the consistency of honey) and saw their fermenting process.   New puppies were a treat for Henry Wyatt and Chandler to find there too.

As we arrived in San Sebastian and as we looked around for a place to stay we saw kids dressed up in church clothes and costumes as well as musicians heading toward a building off to the side of town.  Curious, we followed.  Sooner than not we found ourselves in the midst of a parade celebrating a holy day.  This town "trades" their patron saint (Sebastian) with another nearby town each year and holds a festival, parades, and concerts for two weeks in each year in January.

Procession through town

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