Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The boat floats!

Doug and Henry Wyatt took the newly completed sailboat, christened "Pison," up to Lake Sabrina and set sail while Chandler and I scooted alongside in a friend's fishing boat.  It was such fun to see the boat float after all the hard work it took to get it to this point.  The summer will now be filled with smooth sailing under the Sabrina Lake mountain peaks.  Take a look...

Chandler, Ann, Doug, and Henry Wyatt just prior to launching

Catching a pretty good breeze!

Pulling up the center board as they make their first landing
As for those mountain peaks I mentioned...

That's Doug and Henry Wyatt in the lower left part of the lake

No boat in this pic...just peaks and the glow of the sunset


  1. Thanks for sharing great cruising and fun filled experience. Great job!

  2. What a wonderful family! We really enjoyed meeting you at Sabrina, and being guests in such a well-maintained campground. I've signed up for your feed so that I can see what those great kids come up with next.