Sunday, July 8, 2012

Long Lake hike

Periodically friends visit us up here and we love that!  Ric, from San Jose, decided to join us one weekend while George and Monica decided to drive up from LA on the same weekend.  It made for a perfect mix of friends and hikes.

We ventured out to Long Lake, a fairly leisurely hike up to 9,800 feet from our camp site at 9,000.

George and Monica

George, Henry, Ric, Chandler, Doug, Monica, and Ann

The next day Ric, George, and Doug hiked a much longer, higher hike to Piute Pass.  Peaking at 12,700 and hiking a total of 3,500 feet from the camp site, they had some great stories to share when they returned to the camp site that evening.

George and Ric

The goal is to get to the pass at the center of this pic

Looking back toward where the guys started


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