Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shower Power

Living in the great outdoors has its perks and pitfalls.  Showering includes both ends of the equation.  Follow along as this perk went from perk to pitfall and back to perk.

Perk: private shower in the RV...nice!

Pitfall: tiny, postage stamp-sized shower stall.  I can hardly turn around in it, never mind bend down to pick up the soap I will inevitably drop!  Plus there were holding tank issues...4 people showering in the RV means dumping lots of grey water and for various reasons that wasn't going to work for this RV.

Ann to Mark, (the RV owner): "OK, so if showering in the RV isn't going to happen, what's the next option?" 

Mark: "Doug and I will build you one outdoors?"

Ann:  "Really?  You're kidding, right?  You do know we're here for 5 whole months, right?"

Mark (with a playful smile): "Trust me."

To myself: "Do I have a choice?"

I'm glad to report this story has a very happy ending.

Mark and Doug did indeed construct an outdoor shower and I became its biggest fan.  Sure, we had to walk about 20 feet from the RV to get to where the shower sat at the back of our campsite but it was private, as private as an outdoor shower can be, and quite luxurious. That's right, luxurious.  I felt like I was showering in something built for Outdoor Living.  In my mind I had joined the ranks of that ultra-cool outdoorsy group of people who only shop at REI and Whole Foods.

Mark and Doug built a shower stall with a rugged, wooden shelf for shampoo and soap, there was a hand-held shower head with hot and cold running water (fueled by a propane and water heater), a heavy duty tarp that provided complete privacy and a slatted board floor that allowed water to run through so we wouldn't have to stand in a puddle, and there was a stump for sitting (?) or simply to add to the ambiance of the outdoor living we were experiencing.  The best part was the open-air shower was no ceiling.  The surrounding mountains and Aspen trees were our ceiling and their color changed throughout the months, adding to the beauty of each shower.  Now that I think of it, the truly best part of showering was the decor Doug added.  He would fill empty uniquely-shaped liquor bottles, left behind by campers, with fresh flowers and put them in the shower stall.  Sweet!  Showering indoors will never feel like this so I'm enjoying every moment.

Although the pictures don't do it justice, take a gander...

Wish I had taken a photo when the trees were more vibrant but this gives you an idea of the view from my shower stall!

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