Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Land cruising

After leaving the boat in Puerto Escondido (down the road from our home in Loreto) we did some "land cruising".  We drove from Loreto to California, spent a week with friends and Doug's family, and then ventured east toward Rhode Island where Ann's family lives.  Along the way we stayed with friends at almost every stop.  It was such fun to see everyone!  We visited friends and family members in suburbs, farm lands, and cities.  Each time we drove off from a visit we realized how grateful we are for our families and the many friends we have and how our friendships serve to uplift and inspire us in numerous ways.

It would be impossible to note all the activities we partook in during our hiatus from the boat but here are a few photos of what the kids did during our time in the U.S.

The Abraham Lincoln Museum in Illinois was a favorite stop...

Henry Wyatt and Chandler at Sturbridge Village in Massachusetts dressed up and learning what it was like to be a kid in the late 1700's 
A tea party with Nana in RI

Golfing with cousin Will (and having Uncle John give golf lessons) in RI.
A visit to Boston
A visit with Brittany in St. Louis

A ride on the Staten Island Ferry past Lady Liberty in NYC

Watching peacocks roam freely and collecting blue eggs at a ranch in Santa Fe....

A visit with Sydney and Kimberly in Coronado

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