Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Sailors Life for Me

As we move back into our Loreto life, after almost two months of summer travel throughout the U.S. seeing friends and family members, and as we spend weekends on the boat preparing for our upcoming journey down the mainland of MX, I find myself strangely comfortable with the small quarters of the boat, limited availability of fresh water, and bathing accommodations.  I guess familiarity, in my case and unlike Mark Twain's, doesn't breed contempt but rather contentedness.  It all seems so peaceful and lovely out here.  The scenery seems even more stunningly beautiful than I recall when we left in late July, cooking doesn't seem as cumbersome, and the new curtains and fabric on the cushions make the boat seem more homey.  As a family we are all "in-step" with each other and comfortable with the boat life.  It's all "working" without any major adjustments or transition time. Sweet!

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