Saturday, July 17, 2010

Conch shell greeting

Tradition has it that when sailors enter or exit a port they announce their arrival/departure with a conch shell horn.  We've found some wonderful conch shells along the way and the kids quickly learned how to blow them to alert anyone nearby of our whereabouts.  Friends on Meshach showed us how to saw off one end to create just the right opening to blow through...and it worked!

One morning at 3 am we were awakened by the sound of a conch shell horn.  Coincidentally it was our good friends on Meshach letting us know they had just about run aground and we were about to do the same.  The tide had swung a little further out than we had both expected and it was Mother Nature's way of telling us, "It's time to get going!"   So off we went on a midnight sail.

You just never know when those conch shells will come in handy!

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