Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Splash, crash, boom!

As we enjoyed the calm anchorage the Barra lagoon afforded us we would hear waves crashing in the distance each night and wondered how we could hear them anchored so far away from the ocean.  A hike one day gave us our answer.

The luxury resort that sits atop a hill as you enter the Barra lagoon has expansive property surrounding it, including a golf course.  As we explored this area we found a construction site where homes were being built along the Pacific coast.  The coastline was around the rocky point from where we entered the lagoon; we weren't aware of how close it actually was to our boat, not having checked out Google Earth ahead of time.  So it was all a wonderful surprise when we came upon huge waves.  The kids ran around chasing and being chased by these ocean monsters.  Check out the video clip.

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