Saturday, February 26, 2011

Reporters (Parents) on the Beat

We launched in December with about 8 or 10 Christian Science Monitor news magazines.  They are our “news in print” and we enjoy any moment we have sitting and reading, and at times re-reading, the well-written articles.  When finished, we give issues to fellow cruisers who snatch them up and express true gratitude for a copy or two.  It’s hard to let go of the news magazines, not knowing when we will get another…print version that is.  We read the online edition whenever we have internet connection but that beautiful print edition is a rarity in our world right now and we appreciate having even just a few remaining copies onboard. 

Our home schooling includes reading an article or two from The Monitor with the kids and then discussing the articles.  It’s a great way to think about solutions to world issues, contemplate different lifestyles, consider varying viewpoints, and travel to reaches farther than our little tent strings have taken us.  We always enjoy the maps included with articles, showing us the area of the world in which the stories take place.  And the photographs capture our attention every time.

Recently, Doug and I tried to come up with a way to get the kids to tell us their story about this sailing adventure in their words without it seeming like mom and dad just asking them about it. So we told the kids someone from The CS Monitor (an easy reference since it was our news source) and Rolling Stone Magazine (Ann had a Rolling Stone t-shirt, you’ll see how this fits in) were coming by to interview them, since their life story is a little different than some kids and the reporters wanted to know what it was like.  We told them Scott Baldauf was coming from The Monitor and Fiona (fictitious) was coming from Rolling Stone Magazine. 

Doug and I motored to shore in our dinghy where the kids couldn’t see us, changed clothes, and came back as the reporters.  Upon arrival at the boat we introduced ourselves as Fiona and Scott, much to the kids dismay.  After a few giggles and comments like, “Mom, it’s YOU?” and “Where’s Scott Baldauf?”, Henry got into the act and accepted me as “Fiona” letting me ask him questions and answering each one. Chandler, who had appropriately prepared to meet a professional reporter, changed back into her boat clothes, and made it clear she was disappointed the real deal, Scott, wasn’t interviewing her.  She finally acquiesced and made it work.  Throughout the interview she referred to Doug aka, Scott, as "Mr. Bulldust" instead of Baldauf. 

It was a fun exercise to go through.  Hearing what the kids think about their experience and how it allows them to view life differently than before they were cruiser kids, was interesting.  Who knows, their viewpoint might just work as a whole other blog!

Fiona and Scott