Monday, March 8, 2010

The Name Game

When you buy a boat you have two options relative to naming the vessel; you can keep the preexisting name or you can change it. In our case we decided to change the name, not because we didn't like the name it came with (Windfall) but because of some family history of our own.

When Doug and I lived aboard a Cal 40 in the late '90's it's name was Hana. Doug noted that "Ohana" means close family in Hawaiian and "Hana" means flower in Japanese. We liked that. We dreamed of the day when our children would be old enough (and strong enough) to help sail the boat. Now that that's the case we thought "HanaCrew" was especially fitting. And so it is that HanaCrew will be painted on the boat as soon as the US Coast Guard sends us the official documents stating the name change.

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