Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dock parties

Dock parties serve as the neighborhood gathering within the "live-aboard" community. We attended a few during our Mazatlan days. Three things you always know about dock parties are...they are always pot-luck, we always meet tons of people who live fascinating lives, and we always find someone who has some sort of expertise that can help us with some aspect of the boat. For all those reasons we go to dock parties whenever we are invited!

It's quite the scene with lots of dinghies tied up at the dock, food set out on dock boxes, people standing around balancing plates and cups, pets running around, musicians playing their instruments, and food galore! One thing we had to learn (again) was, aside from bringing our dish to share, we needed to bring our own plates, silverware, napkins, and a dirty dish bag to carry things home in. It's all good!

One dock party was on St. Patrick's Day and it was at 9 AM...not the typical time a boater holds a party but with two young children and all of us being earlier-than-late risers, we ventured off to be part of the breakfast. Green was of course the statement for the meal. Green pancakes, syrup, and even green orange juice!?!

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