Monday, November 15, 2010

A little October/November Update

Reasons to live here...

1.  Our 10-year old daughter will wear her Halloween costume a week before the big night

2.  Henry joins me when I go the harbor to work on the boat.  There are docks and rocks where a boy can lower a hook.  I'm in the cockpit, he hooks a 4" silver squirming thing, and looks my way.  I give him the thumbs up; it's a two foot yellow tail in his book.  Man, I hope he remembers these days.  I will.

3.  Where kids notice it is low tide and scoot to the beach for clams and crabs, and leave me a tennis ball and bat to bring for hitting practice on the beach later on.

4.  Why do kids dance?  The last night on land at home C & HW put on a pre-dinner show.  Out of the blue to some tune and Dixieland jitter, arms pump, turns, in-line kicks -- just wild dancing.  And we are laughing.

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