Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Photo update

When we are out at sea it's difficult to get strong internet connections.  Now that we are in a port, Santa Rosalia, for a few days to provision, do laundry, and tend to the ongoing maintenance items on the boat, we wanted to post a few photos that will give you a view into some of our recent days.

being our fisherman, is always looking for a way to catch fish.  Lately he's been interested in the clams he's found out here.  Here he is cooking up a batch for dinner.

Dinners always taste better outdoors!
(Henry's in the background.)

Here, we were at Bahia San Nicolas (Does that mean Santa Claus is here?), where we met up with Eyoni and Liberty, two "kid boats".  We shared a pot-luck dinner on the beach at sunset while the kids ran around looking for seashells and playing.

Ethan, from Eyoni, showed Doug how to dig into a clam without cutting off his fingers.  Henry and Doug proceeded to eat them both raw and cooked.

Chandler loves to sit at the bow pulpit and sing while we are sailing.  On this particular day Doug joined her for a daddy/daughter moment. Unforgettable!

Many times on old schooners you see a female figure carved into the bow of a boat. HanaCrew has Chandler...our very own mermaid!

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